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NO NUDITY or EROTICA AT ALL. The models have final say as to what they will wear and do for the custom.  SEND YOUR EMAILS TO CUSTOMS@HERBODIES.COM 

    is all about 100 % real action. We are all about empowering women while teaching them how to defend against their opponent.    We are not fantasy and we do not do fake wrestling/grappling.  When the girls are in a match they are all out trying to win.  We take the time to teach and train the girls on how to properly do the moves as if they were in a real mma match.   During the matches and when one person taps, we stop and train them to do it better and how to get the advantage.     The arm wrestling is all real.  Just because a girl has big muscles does not mean she is strong.  We teach to techniques to these girls.  When you order a custom you are not only setting up the match that you want to see, but you are empowering them to learn life lessons in defending themselves and empowering them. We hire real mma trainers to work with the girls.  The trainers do not just sit there and let the girls beat them, they fight back and the girls go all out.  All videos are of the highest quality and your custom is personalized just for you. 

How to Order Customs

 1.  Email us at your custom request.  In that request you will need to the follow so there is less back and fourth.

 a.  Send us who you want to see matched up. 

 b.  Send us the time limit on the custom. Times are from 5 to 20 minutes.  Anything longer let us know. 

           c.  Send three models you want to use. (try to find the local ones but if they are  not local we can check for availablity).              

  2.  Once we receive the details we will review it and approve it and send back the cost of filming the script and any other questions we may have.

3.  Once we are in agreement on the price you will have to go to and use for the email and send the money. 

4.  When we get confirmation the money was sent we will send you an email stated that.  At that point we will ask for the total and final details for the shoot. 


Info about your custom and ordering

        Once we get the order confirmed we will schedule your shoot.  We will keep you up to date on when we will shoot it and the out come of the shoot.  Please note we have no control over models if they do not show or they are sick.  That is why we always ask for a back up.  We confirm with the models several times leading up to the shoot. In the event we do not shoot your custom on the shooting date, we will inform you of the situation and rescedule the shoot again. You will have priority for any future custom shoots so we can film yours first.   From the date of filming the custom, we will try to get your custom to you within 3 weeks if not sooner. We send you a secured link that you can download your custom from, directly to your computer (unless otherwise stated when orderin). By ordering a custom from us you agree to not release the video on any social media, web hosting site, or any site to make a profit or give the video out for free.  Your custom is for you and you only.  If the final product suits our standards, we will reserve the right to release the final product on our site as a download and/or DVD release. All sales are final no refunds.



Good camerawork for all exercises.  And good effort by all the girls!  Jazzy was a pleasant surprise, she had great form and she was a fighter.  Leishann too!  You were right, Em was better than Krystal.  Good job keeping the girls in sync on the pushups.  You did great - correcting their form, offering encouragement, challenging them to beat each other.  I especially loved how every match came down to the third and final exercise, so they always had incentive to give their best!

The flexed arm hang was much better than last time; the girls kept their chin above the bar.  And most had fuller range of motion on pushups and chin-ups – good!    

It’s great when their arms shake on pushups or the flexed arm hang, I love to see that effort!

Who was that other girl, at the 5:16 mark?  She’s cute!  Maybe not strong, but cute anyway.



thx for the custom. really liked it. the best so far. great intensity.
a bit more skill to Jessie and she will dominate for sure. hope to see more chokes and bodytriangles next time.
good job!
Got it!  Thanks!  Great stuff as usual, and gotta love those strong fit gals!  Looking forward to your future works.


I have made a payment 6 months ago for a custom with another site  ... and i'm still waiting for that custom. They are very slow.  
You're the only one making the custom videos right away.  Your quality is awesome, customer service is top notch, and the girls by far are the best in the industry.  



****Herbodies.Com is an absolutely amazing website that creates awesome
custom wrestling and athletic videos and content. They have really
pretty women and are really easy to work with. I highly recommend you
do business with them! A+

**Jay, gonna say this right out of the gates. Probably the best video I've seen you guys put together yet. Get that thing on the site asap!

You had every element I was looking for from this fight. The girls were at their best here, showing major effort to do the other in. Oksana was incredible and MJ was amazing! Both of them used every weapon they had all throughout the video. You could really see their passion in this one and how hard they were both trying to get the other in the holds they wanted. Oksana was as usual very animated and quick! My god MJ might have an edge in strength and size but Oksana just out maneuvered her frustrating MJ a lot, This match also showcased Oksana's incredible will and determination to not be beat by anyone. She is definitely the Herbodies champion wrestler. MJ was, as always a treat to watch, her crooked smile and over all look is such a treat to watch. She also has a will to not quit as well, making her an ideal opponent for Oksana to go full bore on. Even though she lost it was a close match and I think if she had more training and moved a little quicker she'd have a more even time with Oksana.

As a side note, if that MJ ends her wrestling career here at that fight it would be a shame. MJ is strong, a fast learner, loves to make her opponents submit and has a lust for wrestling. I know you guys moved away from her and it's not likely but I'd love to see her continue wrestling and one day do a rematch with Oksana. She was definitely on of my favorites in your stable.
Lastly I almost was certain Oksana would win, that's why she'll always be my favorite. No one tries harder, goes farther or does more in training then she does. Her determination after all she's been through is inspiring. to bigger girls she's always going to be an underdog unless you know her and what she's got purring under the hood. Oh yeah MJ was bigger and maybe stronger, but Oksana's will and quickness trumps that as I thought it would. Just like it did with opponents that looked stronger then her before ( that incredible blonde wyndi comes to mind). I'm not saying she's unbeatable, I've seen her loose falls but pound for pound Oksana is simply built better then most for what she does. I don't know what she's like outside of the mats but inside, she's pretty much queen.
Keep rock'en sock'en

**Got it! Thanks! Had a chance to look and I want to say, some of your best work yet! Truly appreciate the bonus footage as my order was about 2 months old. Lighting, etc. was great, and appreciate you also getting the footage of her actually lifting the person, etc. I certainly was impressed by Ninja's little friend lifting her. I was also quite happy with Erika donkey lifting her husband, as well as her doing alot of chins to show off some strength, so that made my day. I'm OK if she didn't want to do other lifts. Let me know of course when you get another fitness gal lined up for another custom!

***When I paid for a video of just Cydney Gillon by herself talking. I figured more than likely I am going to leave the video feeling like I didn't get my money's worth. But afetr the video... I shockingly felt like I got my money's worth... I was very happy. It was basically done just how I asked... You did I great job. It does help that Cyd is probably the hottest girl on the planet. So please let me know when you are going to shoot with her again. Thanks for everything.
*******This customer just ordered a custom from us. Here is his review.

These minutes are probably the most realistic intense and esthetic i ve ever seen.
this is completly what i expected.
You really have the talent to produce outstanding mixed wrestling videos, for sure better
than some other internet companies, who employ average looking girls and obviously weak/fantasy action

please keep up this great job.


Hello, for the video it's very great, you have understand what I want and it's really good. I love the way oksana look at poor lara croft because she can't nothing against her even if she tries her best ! Thank you again for this video I love it !.