Getting Bullied Growing up

                                                By Kasey

Going to school was hell for me.  Every single day of my life from kindergarten to 11th grade, but then something happened, something that changed everything. I learned confidence.
School was rough for me for one reason, bullies. I was bullied the most in middle school to high school. Being called every name you can possibly think of that a 10-13 year old girl shouldn't even know is something that scars you more than someone could imagine. Nothing was easy for me. Because of the bullies I hated school and it reflected on my grades. Being worried if I was going to be embarrassed, threatened or beat up was on my mind every day going to school.  I remember being slapped across my face in elementary school and crying in the stall until my teacher called my mom. I remember being told if I came to school the next day id regret it so I’d think of every possibly way to let my mom stay home.

I wasn't one who told anyone about the bullies because I never wanted to be seen as weak so I began doing something no young girl should every possibly imagine if doing. Cutting. To take the pain away, to shut the bullies voices up in my head. I was faced with being called names because of my weight, my hair, my clothes, and my acne. Pizza face. Grandma clothes. Fatty. And the names got worse as I entered high school. Slut. Whore. Bitch. Cunt. Every name you can think of, I was called.
I finally overcame all the hate when I was a junior in high school and my grandpa hired a professional photographer to do my senior pictures in honor of my grandma. That photographer was nice to me, something no one other than my family, had been to me. He told me I had potential and I was a natural.
From there I grew my confidence. The bullies tried putting me down at school and I learned to smile and look them in the eye instead of looking down. The lost the battle when they learned they had nothing on me.

The first fight I got into was after school walking home from the bus stop the neighbor girl had made fun of me and picked on me for years that day I hit my breaking point and she called me a dumb butch and pushed me so I flipped out and basically attacked her all she did was pull my hair while I messed her up pretty bad. The next day at school I was pulled from my classes from the principals and school police officers who tried to suspend me and it never happened because of it bring off school property but I could have easily faced charges.

Another time would be when I got into a verbal fight with a girl in high school .She called me pizza face and if I came to school the next day she would fight me. I begged my mom to not make me go to school I made up every excuse possible, she still made me go. I went and nothing happened. I saw that girl I even looked her in the eye and said hi. Once you stand up people will realize they have nothing to bully.

I struggled with how I physically looked. I was disgusted with my curves and hated the fact I didn't look like the other models. Then I learned every single person is beautiful because they are in their own skin and there is not another single person on this world that looked like them.
Once those bullies learned I was traveling to model, they came out trying to be best friends. What they forgot is they ruined my childhood, something I could never get back. So still to this day those bullies see my modeling pictures and cringe because they know they lost the battle.
To any young person being bullied like I was, remember you empower yourself, don't give that to the bullies. They have nothing if you’re not willing to give it to them. Have confidence and have strength. Be willing to look any person who speaks negative about you in the eye, smile and say I accept your opinion.