Jessica Kiernan July 2014 Feature Athlete



This month we have the pleasure of speaking with Jessica Kiernan.  She is not only a great athlete and trainer, but a great person as well.   Below is our interview with her.   


Thank you Jessica for taking the time to speak with us. Tell us a little about yourself.     Where are you from and your stats.                                        




Measurements:  Arms:    12            Legs:    23                 Calves:       13          Waist:30

If you lift weights how much can you:   bench:   70lbs?               squat: 90                     Leg Press:  350             Curl:    30-35

What sport or sports do/did you play?none

How long have you been doing your sport or sports? 15 years

What is your favorite body part and why to train? Shouders, I love the look!

What is your lease favorite body part and why to train? Chest & top of shoulders, I build too fast up top

How did you get started? Not being a healthy eater or having good examples around me till I saw some woman who I wanted to aspire to and felt empowered by!. Then I started learning!  I have been passionate about health & fitness for about 15 years.  All the moments I have had when working with someone whether it is one on one or online help; there is a feeling of pride and care with each person.  When someone comes to me feeling helpless, exhausted and drained I want them to know I am there for them. They have my full attention and I will not let them down.  I will push them to change for themselves for their health for their soul!  And when that moment finally comes when they walk in towards me or call me with their voices so happy; and they have fully transformed not only with their body but with their heart, mind and soul…I see it. I feel it… and that’s the moment I crave. That’s what I am after. Making that person feel incredible and capable and making them believe once again in themselves.  Hard work is everything.  It’s not just about working out and lifting weights or losing weight. It’s about that moment with yourself where you take charge and be present in the moment and feel humble when you walk out of the gym or finish your workout. And you become a better person in your life.  That’s it! That’s the goal. 

When I decided to make this my career my number one goal I said out loud was “I want to help people all over the world.” “I don’t want to be a small town trainer; my dream is bigger and better than that.  There is a reason for me and a place for me in this industry.” If I can help someone by inspiring them to be better than they were yesterday by setting examples for them and creating a fresh belief system then I’m doing what I said I was going to do.  I will help people learn to make healthier lifestyle choices, and improve their LIFE!  To help motivate and inspire them to become the best they can be and want to be.



Have you ever had any tragedies in your life and how did you get through them?

Of course we all do, I think a goo sense of self has to be present at the time and learning o be vulnerable during those times.  I think knowing that things happen for a reason. You may not know why now but eventually you do! 

What do you do for your workouts?

I am all over the place! I change my plans weekly! I lift heavy, light, I do plyos to cut up, the list goes on and on!

Why do you like your sport? Surfing besides bodybuilding

What motivates you?

Passion, drive, other people counting on me, and the moment I changed their lives in some way. 

Who or what got you started? Kiana Tom was a who as to getting me started. And the twins from a show called Valley Girls! One of them was fit, firm, put together well, and I felt these were real woman who looked tremendous!

What are your goals in the sport and in the future of your life?

To be global. SO I can help others that I can’t see daily.  That’s my mission. SO whether it be doing contest shows to get myself more recognized or networking then so be it. I work my tail off in the gym to further my hunger for helping others and making their lives healthier. Every thing I do is a step for me and has a purpose. 

What advice would you give others?

Be patient, be realistic, stay away from the scale its not a true indicator of weight. And be consistent! 

Who is your inspiration? Kiana Tom and Amanda Latona

Do you get more attention now that you’re in better shape than before?

Yes! I do. This is why I do shows now and more photo shoots because it puts me more out there in front of possible opportunities. And it will only help me in my goal to help others. 

How many days do you train? 6

What have been the biggest sacrifices you have made?

None. I do it as I want. I refuse to sacrifice anything I believe in or stand for.  I find it difficult to balance this lifestyle out but am learning to. 

Have you ever been asked to arm wrestle and did you win (explain a time you remember)?No haha I probably wouldn’t win who knows!

Do you ever get asked to flex and how do you feel about it? Yes, its weird, I feel weird looking in the mirror working out and that’s just to make sure Im doing it right!

What are people’s reactions to the way you look? They respond well. Not to much not too little. I like to stay that way its manageable and realistic. And woman find comfort in that.  So they know they can speak to me and do not feel insecure.

What supplements do you take? BCAA, Vitamins, Fish oil, flax oil, Protein Power, L-Carnatine,

What does a typical day with your eating look like?

  • Coffee, Gluten free oats, half grapefruit, egg whites
  • Protein and water
  • Lean Meat and veggie and sweet potato meal 3-5
  • Maybe more protein powder before bed.

Is there anything else you want to tell about yourself?  

Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, & Author.  I’m also the Founder of Fierce Abs Workout Series, a comprehensive approach to acquiring and maintaining serious Fierce Abs.  Creator of Jessica Kiernan TV on YouTube and I’m a sponsored Athlete through WarriorLabz as well as a Promotional Model for  I was also an NPC Bikini Bodybuilding Athlete in June 2013, OCB Natural Bikini Bodybuilding Athlete August 2013  My slogan is all about Fitness, Nutrition and Motivation. I’m on a journey to empower others to have a healthier more successful lifestyle! is where the magic happens!  Health and Wellness are my passions.  Helping others to attain great Health and optimal Wellness is part of my overall goal.  My growing online health and wellness business brings tremendous opportunities and offers unlimited possibilities for achieving great levels of fitness and health.  I offer online personal coaching, help to target individualized workout goals with plans that result in success.  I contact my clients through email, text, facetime, face-to-face meetings and offer continued contact in helping everyone achieve their goals.


Thank you for talking with us.  Check out Jessica's article about post preganacy.