Harmonie (wrestler) June/July 2015 Featured Athlete



We wanted to thank Harmonie for taking the time to do this interview. She is not only a great athlete but a great person as well.  Harmonie tell us about yourself.

Age: 18 

State: California 

Height: 5’ 0” 

Weight: 106lbs 

Measurements:  Arms:  12”     Legs: 21”            Calves: 14”         Waist: 24” 

How much can you lift:  Bench:  95lbs   Squat: 130lbs  Leg Press: 110lbs   Curl: 20lbs 

What sport or sports do/did you play? Wrestling only now, but I used to play soccer 

How long have you been doing your sport or sports? 10 years.

What is your favorite body part to train and why? My back because I see promising and long lasting results. 

What is our lease favorite body part to train and why? Arms because they require extra hard work fast results.

How did you get started? My sister needed a wrestling partner and I started as just a fun.  It was something new to do when I was really young. I really enjoy learning and obtaining new skills.

Have you ever had any tragedies in your life and how did you get through them? When I was a freshman in high school my house caught fire and burned to the ground.  We lived in a small community and they came together and helped my family out in every way possible.

What do you do for your workouts? Cross Fit, weights with our wrestling team.

Why do you like your sport? I enjoy it because when you win it’s all you and no one can take that away.  Even though wresting is a team sport, it is still an individual sport.  

What motivates you? The idea of becoming a stronger, faster, and all around a better athlete.  

Who or what got you started?  My sister and dad because my sister needed a partner.

What are your goals in the sport and in the future of your life?  To make it through college and become a trainer and nutritionist or obtain a PhD.

What advice would you give others? It is a great way to stay in shape and teaches you mental physical toughness.  Women can do a sport that was only for men.  Plus I feel empowered and that I can defend myself.  I have confidence.

 Who is your inspiration? Camille Lablanc-Bazinet.

Do you get more attention now that you’re in better shape than before?  Yes I get asked to flex and guys like it.  Definitely over social media I get a lot of emails. Dating gets better the older you get.  

How many days do you train? 3-4 days a week.

What have been the biggest sacrifices you have made?  I had to give up the typical high school experience.  The last two years of high school I was home schooled so I could focus on wrestling.

Have you ever been asked to arm wrestle and did you win (explain a time you remember)? At practice I have.  I have beaten girls my size and gave the bigger girls a run for their money. I am a lot stronger then I look.

Do you ever get asked to flex and how do you feel about it? I used to feel weird about it but now just a little. It depends on the situation.  I started to think that they would not ask if there wasn’t a reason.  So now if they ask and I got it why not flaunt it.

What are people’s reactions to the way you look? A lot of girls, especially my age, think it si gross.  I brush it aside and it is not what others think but what I think.  Plus if I didn’t have muscle I could not do wrestling. 

What supplements do you take? I take Fit Miss if I take any.

What does a typical day with your eating look like? 7 months out of the year it’s very strict and low carbs, minimal amounts of meat, and very vegan.

Is there anything else you want to tell about yourself?  I am a 2x state placer and national runner-up