October 12th 2014 mega shoot

Oct 1, 2014 8:28:55 PM

MEGA SHOOT OCTOBER 12TH 2014 for customs.

We have five awesome models with two from out of town. Brittni and Em.   Send customs request to customs@herbodies.com

We are running a special for this shoot. 

 Check out Brittni. She is traveling a long way to work with us.   Get your customs with this awesome athlete.  

EM, KALLIE, LEISHANN, RAY RAY.  Are all waiting for your customs.

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Getting Bullied

Aug 30, 2014 10:35:07 PM

                                 Getting Bullied Growing up

                                                By Kasey

Going to school was hell for me.  Every single day of my life from kindergarten to 11th grade, but then something happened, something that changed everything. I learned confidence.
School was rough for me for one reason, bullies. I was bullied the most in middle school to high school. Being called every name you can possibly think of that a 10-13 year old girl shouldn't even know is something that scars you more than someone could imagine. Nothing was easy for me.

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Live Female Arm Wrestling Event for The Ronald Mcdonald House Friday July 11, 2014 of Cleveland at Brew133 13368 Madison Ave Lakewood, Ohio


We are pleased to tell everyone to mark your calendars for Friday July 11, 2014. Charity female Arm Wrestling event for the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland. we are doing this at Brew 133 in Lakewood, Ohio. 13368 Madison Ave Lakewood, Ohio.

Sign ins start at 9:30 Pm and the competition starts at 11 pm. Bring your friends the bar is donating 15% of sales from 11-2am... We have 10 sponsors and giving away prizes. There are weight classes. so ladies instead of doing a bikini contest come compete for a good cause

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Jessica Kiernan  July 2014 Feature Athlete


This month we have the pleasure of speaking with Jessica Kiernan.  She is not only a great athlete and trainer, but a great person as well.   Below is our interview with her.   


Thank you Jessica for taking the time to speak with us. Tell us a little about yourself.     Where are you from and your stats.                                        




Measurements:  Arms:    12            Legs:    23                 Calves:       13          Waist:30

If you lift weights how much can you:   bench:   70lbs?               squat: 90                     Leg Press:  350             Curl:    30-35

What sport or sports do/did you play?none

How long have you been doing your sport or sports? 15 years

What is your favorite body part and why to train? Shouders, I love the look!


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