August 23, 2012

Aug 23, 2012 9:31:35 PM

We just did a three video update tonight. 

HB0070  Rose who visited wanted a challange. She took on Oksana, Kat, and Xena in arm wrestling.

HB0073 Oksana and M.J. are both strong competitors and they do not give up easy. This clip has both doing a long leg scissor match. This was the longest match they have ever done. M.J. out weights Oksana by 20lbs. Who wins this match.

HB0019 This video was shot during our early days of Naomi takes on Breezy who only came once to sho...

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August 13, 2012 Update

Aug 13, 2012 10:20:39 PM

We just did a small update tonight.  HB0075 with Kristen and Nicole who really are competitive and go at it with grappling and arm wrestling.  

HB0067 Jc Simpson and She Hulk do some lift n carry with a guy.  Guys like to see if they can lift a 185lb man.  Well here is the video to prove it.

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August 7th 2012 site update

Aug 8, 2012 12:24:36 AM

Today just updated the site with six new models check out the following new additions to the roaster: Sindel, Rose, Mandy, Mini Me, Kristen, and  Mackenzie.  The models are working their way to doing more content and open for customs.  This is part one of the new update. We just updated the following:  

HB0069 were Sindel takes on Mini Me. Mini Me is 88lbs and very strong and fearless.  Sindel a former high school wrestler is up to the challenge.  HB0071 is the arm wrestling event from the Kamazie Jump 2012.  This all female video has women of different weight classes going against each other.  HB0072 Rose vs Xena all out belly punching.  Rose and Xena are new to the site and this is their first time doing belly punching.   Both women has abs and who’s are stronger? Check it out.  Finally HB0075 Lacey vs Mark in a competitive grappling and arm wrestling match.  Mark talks a big game but can he deliver?  Watch as Lacey and Mark go at it.  100% real action. 

We have customs available.  We are lining up more models and email us at for any ideas, customs, or who we should work with.  

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Fourth of July updates.

Jul 4, 2012 4:26:34 AM

Hello everyone the update is complete.  We add two new models Angel and Xena to the Ohio roster.   And a new arm-wrestling and leg scissors match up with the new models.  Check out the new updates from this week. Wwe have mikala vs athena in arm
wrestling (HB0023) and belly punching (HB0016).. then they
take on joe to see who has the stronger legs.. also chase
says girls can not beat him in arm wrestling. then the girls
go against eachother. (HB0066) check out the action up now..

remember 50% on all customs for the month of July

Next week we are shooting in Flordia with Wenona, Rachel Sinclaire, Alexis Rain, Jc Simpson and Mikala.   All of the models can go against a male and you get the get the action just how you like it.  Wenona and Rachel can go against each other in Arm wrestling, grappling, leg scissors, mercy, belly punching, and more whatever you choice.  All the girls can go against a male for competitive action.   In the ohio action Rose is a new model coming Sunday July 8th,  Xena, Oksana, Angel, and Kat are available.  Also we do have a male that can come shoot with these girls at the end of July. 

Remember all customs are 50% off the site price for July only. Get your custom today. Email

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