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Basic Information

State Height Weight Waist Bust
Georgia 4' 10" 105 lbs 29 in 34 D

Physical Statistics

Arm Measurements Leg Measurements Calf Measurements
L: 10 in / R:10.5 in L: 17 in / R: 16.5 in L: 13 in / R: 13 in

Weight Lifting Limits

Bench Press Curls Squat Leg Press
50 lbs 15 lbs dumbells 90 lbs 125 lbs

About the Model

A brief summary...

I like to read, write, sing, act, model, exercise, and dance. I love the Lord of The Rings and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Sports and Growing Up...


Favorite Foods...


Life Long Goals...

I want to be an actress, model, and graduate college

Arm Wrestling and Wrestling Experience...

nope never did growing up

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