Maya Soul

Maya Soul

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Basic Information

State Height Weight Waist Bust
Ohio 5'8" 145 lbs 27 in 34 B

Physical Statistics

Arm Measurements Leg Measurements Calf Measurements
L: 13 in / R:13 in L: 21 in / R: 20 in L: 15 1/2 in / R: 15 in

Weight Lifting Limits

Bench Press Curls Squat Leg Press
110 lbs 30 dumbell lbs 160 lbs 225 lbs

About the Model

A brief summary...

I love empowerment, psychology, dance, and exploring the flow of life. Pole is my passion. Flow is my destiny and life is awesome.

Sports and Growing Up...

Pole Dancing

Favorite Foods...


Life Long Goals...

My goal is to reach the state of equilibrium to be able to transcend that knowledge to the rest of humanity. As well as develop my performer persona.

Arm Wrestling and Wrestling Experience...


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