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Basic Information

State Height Weight Waist Bust
California 5'3" 135lbs 25 1/2 in 34 B

Physical Statistics

Arm Measurements Leg Measurements Calf Measurements
L: 13 in / R:13 in L: 21 in / R: 21 in L: 14 in / R: 14 in

Weight Lifting Limits

Bench Press Curls Squat Leg Press
135 lbs 35 dunbells lbs 275 lbs 600 lbs

About the Model

A brief summary...

Love to read (i. e European history) crochet, football, spending time with family, working out, and traveling.

Sports and Growing Up...

I particitpated in track and field as a sprinter. I wanted to run track because I loved racing against others.

Favorite Foods...


Life Long Goals...

Strength coach for an NFL team and a fitness model

Arm Wrestling and Wrestling Experience...

I armwrestled my cousin because he bet me that I couldn't beat him. So I took his money and won.

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