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Basic Information

State Height Weight Waist Bust
Ohio 5'3 135lbs 30 36 B

Physical Statistics

Arm Measurements Leg Measurements Calf Measurements
L: 12 in / R:12 in L: 21 in / R: 20 1/2 in L: 14 in / R: 14 in

Weight Lifting Limits

Bench Press Curls Squat Leg Press
95 lbs 15 lbs dumbells 150 lbs 225 lbs

About the Model

A brief summary...

I enjoy swimming, camping, hiking, biking, hula hooping, dancing, acting, and singing. I love to be outside and I love to be around animals and positive people. I strive to learn, give, and grow respectively.

Sports and Growing Up...

I swam for 10 years and did 16 years of dance. I also loved to play capture the flag with my three older brothers. I have been around a lot of males growing up. I am not a girly girl.

Favorite Foods...

Blueberries, strawberries, and banana's.

Life Long Goals...

I would like to own or manage an animal rehabilitation center.

Arm Wrestling and Wrestling Experience...

I always arm wrestled and wrestled with my brothers and friends. I always would tackle them and kick some butt.

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