HerBodies.com is a super site and the very first of its kind. Which will contain NO nudity or erotica of any kind. Our goal is to show that women can have muscle, be athletic and yet still be feminine. We have everything you need that revolves around athletic women in their element, ranging from several different body types. They are athletes (former or current), fitness women, models, figure, figure competitors, and the-girl-next-door (women who are in shape but do not fall into the other categories).  

Our motto is "We bring out the athlete in you" and “Where women can be themselves.” There is no pressure for the models to do anything they do not want to do. Everything we do is semi-competitive and we have a lot of fun. The content consists of the following: modeling, pictures, posing, grappling (semi-completive and completive) ,wrestling , female vs. female in categories listed, as well as test of strength (arm wrestling, mercy, lift-n-carry, scissor challenges, flexing) and so much more. We also have female vs male as well. 

Herbodies.com has a lot to offer.  We are in the process of developing our clothing line that you the purchaser will be able to design the clothes you want to purchase.  We will also have a fitness and life style online magazine where you as the reader will read articles from models all over the world.  We are also going to start selling around 2000 sports supplements and vitamins.  Our prices will be cheaper than stores and very competitive on the net.   Finally we will start a member’s only section of the site.  The section will include videos, photographs, and the online fitness and life style magazine. 

 We do photo shoots on locations which are very professional and look amazing. We also do live events and charity events. Anything you need models for (as long as it is not nudity or erotica of any kind) we have the model for you. If you would like to request a model to work for you email Admin@HerBodies.com  Also all sales from herbodies.com are final.  There are no refunds but we do our best to make our customers happy.